Political cycles and risk and return in the ... - Research Online - UOW

eMail [email protected] www.uow.edu.au/commerce/accy/. Political cycles and risk and return in the Austra- lian stock market, Men- zies to Howard. Andrew ...

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Political cycles and risk and return in the ... - Research Online - UOW


eMail [email protected] www.uow.edu.au/commerce/accy/. Political cycles and risk and return in the Austra- lian stock market, Men- zies to Howard. Andrew ...

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Global Governance Programme, RSCAS, EUI. Country Report - ITALY. ITHACA Research Report N. 2/2015. Funded by DG Home of the European Commission ...

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Every single Great Course you order comes with a Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee. One of the hallmarks of The Great Courses—one that has been with us since ...

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human, and effectively save user's space. At the same time, the price of multi-function furniture, by contrast, is usually more reasonable than purchasing several ...

Underdogs in the Political Arena - Taylor & Francis Online


Political candidates are often labeled as underdogs, either by the press or themselves. This paper explores connotations associated with the underdog label in ...

Facilitating online interaction using community ... - Research Online


21 Jun 2008 ... ... that the learning community was indeed 'organic'. (White, 2004) and successful in more ways than planned. Figure 4: Online chat: alternative.

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(2003). Uni cheat gets off. Herald Sun, Wednesday 4 August, pp. 1-2. iParadigms. (2004). iParadigms: Digital solutions for a new era in information. Retrieved 31.

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Berk, Michael, Jeavons, Sue, Dean, Olivia M., Dodd, Seetol, Moss, Kirsteen, Gama, Clarissa. S. and Malhi, Gin S. 2009, Nail-biting stuff? The effect of N-acetyl ...

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11 Mar 2015 ... A screenshot from Channel 4′s series 'The Romanians Are Coming', depicting Sandu and his son in the Romani ghetto in Baia Mare, Northern ...

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This thesis centres on the P2P internet protocol BitTorrent, music filesharing, ... From the rules: “If you choose to use one, a cute avatar is a must (preferably a.



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This is the published version: Available from Deakin Research Online:


... Wollongong, N.S.W.. Available from Deakin Research Online: ... We take the Hachiko exit and pass the statue of the faithful dog that waits forever. Cast in ...

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identified using the DiKUL bibliographic harvester that includes over. 135 bibliographic databases. ... Brunel, Valentin; Palat, Blazej. Organisation: Sciences Po ...

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Secondary sources. 192. Appendices. 1. Chronological list of English works on witchcraft, 1560-1660 ... he adds, 'or sub-genre'.13 But is such isolation justified?

4 Explaining ASB - Birkbeck Institutional Research Online


11 Jun 2005 ... Neighbour disputes and 'problem families'. 17 ... alcohol misuse, and the impact of neighbour ... 'neighbours from hell' can stand in the way of.

Гоголь-моголь - Iowa Research Online


моей старушки ближе Насти никого нет. Стук в дверь. ... АНГЕЛ. Чего шумишь, хламида? Сядь и жди,. Пока пробьет вторая стража. ... (В оригинале по-французски.) ... Схватка. Пленница что-то лопочет по-сербски, ... мила? ГОРОДНИЧИЙ.Не помню. АННА АНДРЕЕВНА. Нынче унас жаркое и кислые щи.

Heritage, Immigration and Temporary ... - RCA Research Online


Material Conjectures (UK project co-‐authored by Dr Kirsten Cooke and Dr Dale Holmes) and Andrea. Delaplace (Paris based PhD candidate in museum ...

5 facts about online dating | Pew Research Center


29 Feb 2016 ... Today, nearly half of the public knows someone who uses online dating or who has met a spouse or partner via online dating – and attitudes ...

Child Safety Online - UNICEF Innocenti Research


2 May 2012 ... child rights. The Centre collaborates with its host institution in Florence, the Istituto degli Innocenti, in selected ... in hosting arrangements of child abuse images, which render the ... Office, 2008, available at: www.ifap.ru/library/.

Caribbean water and hydro-piracy - Research Online - UOW


McDougall, Russell, Caribbean water and hydro-piracy, Kunapipi, 34(2), 2012 ... the example of The Curse of the Black Pearl, the first of Pirates of the Caribbean.

Global Online Piracy Study - Research Explorer


1 Jul 2018 ... Digital music downloading and streaming sales development 2014-2017 ... tools or websites such as Deezloader, Keepvid, Youtube Video.

From pick-up artists to incels: con(fidence ... - LSE Research Online


Chateau Heartiste, and Red Pill Room that are dedicated not only to the accumulating of more erotic capital for men, but also to recouping that capital that has ...

LBS Research Online A Aouad, R Levi and D Segev Approximation ...


(2016), Segev (2015), our algorithm is very efficient in practice. ... in LQto its most preferred product in Q, which exists by definition of LQ. Hence, A−1(i) is.

niche fashion magazines, producers - UAL Research Online


This thesis examines the niche fashion magazine genre, addressing its hybridised quality of art, popular culture, high fashion, elite and edge. Through.

Boosting Culture in the Gilded Age - Iowa Research Online


2. Benjamin MacArthur, Actors and American Culture, 1880-1920 (Pbiladel- phia, 1984), 41. For an account of theater in Iowa before the Civil War, see.

Dynamic pricing support systems for DIY ... - Research Online - UOW


An Austrian DIY retailer, bauMax, with over 120 stores, sales of approximately € 1.25 billion in nine central and eastern European countries, and a 25 percent ...

Fifty shades of offensiveness - Birkbeck Institutional Research Online


Keywords: multilingualism, emotion, swearwords, offensiveness, English L1, English as a ... taboo words and reprimands in their L1 Turkish and the translation ...

American primacy and the global media - City Research Online


Ernesto (2016) 'RIAA wins $22 million Piracy Lawsuit Against MP3Skulls', 25. February. Retrieved from https://torrentfreak.com/. FACT. (2014) 'Types of Content ...

Conveyancer and Property Lawyer (2014) - City Research Online


of 'neighbours from hell' stories. For recent entries see especially “A taste of their own medicine: Neighbours from hell get early morning warnings to mend their ...

Using internet based paraphrasing tools: Original ... - Research Online


a journal article and used a fee free Internet paraphrasing tool “so that the words were not the same as the original to avoid plagiarism”. After the clarification, the ...

Interrogating gender violence in the Twilight - Iowa Research Online


8 Dec 2011 ... the four novels of the Twilight saga—Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn—and the three released films were selected for analysis ...

Popular Culture in Margaret Atwood's Lady Oracle - Research Online


A Female Houdini: Popular Culture in Margaret Atwood's Lady Oracle. Abstract. Popular discourses are ubiquitous in the writing of Margaret Atwood. Her novels ...

Beauty surveillance - City Research Online - City, University of London


Scharff entitled Aesthetic Labour: Rethinking Beauty Politics in Neoliberalism ... This paper argues that 'beauty apps' are transforming the arena of appearance.

Pace final 26.11.15 - City Research Online - City, University of London


26 Nov 2015 ... All these early sources on the Sonatas mention the link made explicitly by ... major article by one of Ferneyhough's students (Melchiorre had studied with both ... and Drowning (1967-73), Pathways of Sun and Stars (1976), the Gershwin Arrangements ... 141-149. Redgate focuses on his brother Roger's solo.

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In this paper we use a version of MMEU known as “epsilon-contamination. ... (ex ante plan) coincides with the sequentially optimal plan in a decision tree. This is.

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