Risk assessment for Bluetongue Virus (BTV)

account for the life cycle of both midges and BTV transmission, which would increase this duration considerably; the duration for the biological processes and.

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Risk assessment for Bluetongue Virus (BTV)


account for the life cycle of both midges and BTV transmission, which would increase this duration considerably; the duration for the biological processes and.

Vertical transmission of bluetongue virus serotype 8 virus in ... - Hal


31 Jan 2011 ... 3-8-2009. Please cite this article as: Santman-Berends, I.M.G.A., van ... (BTV-8) in PCR negative, seropositive heifers in Northern Ireland ...

GB Bluetongue Virus Disease Control Strategy


BTV is a notifiable disease of ruminants, including sheep, cattle, deer, goats and ... EC Directive 2000/75/EC determines that BTV is confirmed when the relevant ...

The immune response of ruminant livestock to bluetongue virus ...


1 Sep 2015 ... et al., 2009; Spreull, 1905; Verwoerd and Erasmus, 2004). The causative agent of BT is bluetongue virus (BTV), the prototype mem- ber of the ...

Detection of Bluetongue virus serotype 8 infection in cattle in Germany


16 Jan 2019 ... 2009 (last case: 17.11.) no more cases since 2009 for a long time … Declaration of BTV-freedom for Germany at OIE with effect from 15.2.2012 ...

High Throughput Detection of Bluetongue Virus by ... - SAGE Journals


this area in 1999–2000.13,22,38 Although BTV had never been detected in this area before 1999, the presence of the Culicoides vectors23,32,37 and ...

Fraud Risk Assessment - ACFE.com


Fraud risk can come from sources both internal and external to the organization. ▫ Risks that are present before management action are described as inherent ...

Silver - The Risk Assessment Information System


3 Sep 2006 ... Risk Assessment Forum. ... gallyas]. <original> histologicka technika ke znazorneni cev v cns: impregnace bazalni membrany ... implant, etc.).

EU risk assessment report - ECHA - European Union


22 Aug 2000 ... Elocalwater = local emission rate to (waste) water during episode (kg/d) ... and other safety staff from other mills were interviewed by telephone. 68 ... bleach, cotton-synthetic blends, wool, silk, and some other vegetable or animal fibres. ... safety for chronic/sub-chronic toxicity is not sufficient, and did not ...

European Union Risk Assessment Report - ECHA


EINECS No: 215-607-8, 231-889-5, 234-190-3 232-143-1 and 231-906-6 ... In photography, potassium dichromate is used as a bleach in black and white film. It was used in ... episode. Annual average concentration. Comment. Production. 19 kg/day ... following exposure to acutely sub-lethal concentrations of chemicals.

Thematic Mapping for Disaster Risk Assessment in Case of ...


GIS. It examines some problems that arise in thematic mapping for disaster management in ... capital Sofia, Varna, Burgas, Plovdiv, Veliko Tarnovo, Pleven.

1 a quantitative risk assessment of exposure to nitrates in drinking ...


Plovdiv. Nitrate concentration in drinking water was 70-90mg/l between 1990 -1994. ... Bruningfann CS and Kaneene JB (1993): The effects of Nitrate, nitrites and N- ... Smyth P.P, He X, Dall'amico D, Parkes AB, Burns R, Smith DF, Maina.

tsunami risk assessment andmitigation for the indian ocean


Tsunami risk assessment and mitigation for the Indian Ocean; knowing your tsunami risk – and ... B1.1 Knowing the potential for a tsunami to impact your coast . ... result, the project aims at providing sound information ... Bandara, K. M. K. and Dias, W. P. S. 2008. ... McAdoo, B. G., Dengler, L., Prasetya, G. and Titov, V. 2006.

Human Health Baseline Risk Assessment for Upland Soils ... - EPA


MH20 and MHO - former manholes that have since been cleaned ... with approximately 20-30% of medium to course sand. ... BenzofbJfl uorant M ne. Mercury.

Bluetongue - vri.cz


After 1998 new serotypes of bluetongue virus (BTV) were discovered in Southern ... 2009). They were caused by the BTV serotype 8. (Elbers et al., 2008a; ...

Bluetongue in France - BTV-4


14 Nov 2017 ... BTV-4 is not known to be transplacentally transmitted, unlike BTV-8 (Darpel et al., 2009), but without understanding the full viral characteristics ...

Bluetongue in the region - FAO


14 Sep 2017 ... BTV serotype 9 circulated in 1999 (Southeast Bulgaria) and 2001 (West ... Committee on Animal Health and Welfare; Brussels, 9 Sep 2009.

Bluetongue - USDA APHIS


primary vector transmitting BTV. These insects become infected by feeding on viremic animals and remain infective for the duration of their lives, up to 3 months ...

Bluetongue vaccination in Europe


Bluetongue virus (BTV) is the cause of blue- tongue (BT), an ... (2009). 3. Gibbs EP, Greiner EC. The epidemiology of bluetongue. Comp. Immunol. Microbiol.

Bluetongue: pathogenesis and duration of viraemia - IZS


caused by bluetongue virus (BTV). Whereas BTV infection of the haematophagous Culicoides insect vector is persistent (life-long), BTV infection of ruminants is ...

Comparison of genome segments 2, 7 and 10 of bluetongue viruses ...


1 Jan 2003 ... Abstract – Bluetongue (BT) virus serotype 2 (BTV 2) was first confirmed in Tunisia in February. 2000 and has since spread northward and ...

The history of bluetongue and a current global overview - OIE


BTV serotypes exist with vector species of Culicoides in predictable, but finite, geographic and ecological ... compatible with life and, therefore, the calves could.

Download slides - Virus Bulletin


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Virus de clés USB - DANE de Lyon


10 janv. 2016 ... UsbFix : http://www.usbfix.net/. • Outil de suppression des logiciels malveillants Microsoft® Windows® · Copyright © DANE de Lyon. Page 3/3.

Descriptions of Virus Families and Groups


Gershon, P.D.; Black, D.N.: A comparison of the genomes of Capripoxvirus isolates of sheep, ... One molecule of dsDNA, 120-220 kbp, G C "" 35-75% ... G.; Hudson, G.S.; Satchwell, S.C.; Seguin, c.; Tuffnell, P.S.; Barrell, B.G.: DNA ... found in ichneumonids belonging to the sub-family ... 1 03 from white clover cryptic virus 1.

Anarquismos a contratiempo - Virus Editorial


tomás ibáñez | anarquismos a contratiempo sobre anarquismo y revolución. En otras palabras, o bien la anarquía es cambiante o no es anarquía, porque su ...

Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Infection and Hepatic Steatosis


1 Apr 2006 ... Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Infection and Hepatic Steatosis. Eugene J. Yoon, and Ke-Qin Hu. Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, ...

Molecular characterization of potato virus X - WUR E-depot


general, and the molecular aspects of plant virus resistance mechanisms in particular. ... Each particle contains a single molecule of positive ... Kartoffel-X-virus.

Breeding virus resistant potatoes - Nature


Thus, there are new opportunities to harness molecular techniques in the form of linked ... in der Kartoffel in einem bolivianischen Andigena-Klon. ZuГchter, 37 ...

Poster_AAV3 Titration ELISA - Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV)


AAV3 Titration ELISA for reliable determination of total capsid titer. The AAV3 ELISA was developed following the well-established workflow for other PROGEN ...

Aguacate virus, a new antigenic complex of the genus Phlebovirus ...


virus (ARMV), Durania virus (DURV) and Ixcanal virus. (IXCV). These four viruses are phylogenetically and antigenically related to each other and we propose ...

Molecular characterization of occult hepatitis B virus in genotype E ...


27 Dec 2018 ... Nine of 32 OBI carriers were evaluated with HBV serology, viral load and complete HBV genome sequence of two to five clones. All samples ...

A transforming giant virus discovered in Canine ... - bioRxiv


Barrio AM, Ekerljung M, Jern P, Benachenhou F, Sperber GO, Bongcam-Rudloff E,. Blomberg J, Andersson G. The first sequenced carnivore genome shows ...

Índice Tobillo Brazo e Infección por el Virus de la ... - RiUMA


a) Vías por las que se generan especies reactivas de oxígeno (EROx). El tabaco altera la homeostasis del sistema de oxidación-reducción. Incrementa el nivel ...

Seroprevalence of hepatitis E virus infection in pigs from Southern ...


Active search and establishment of this pathogen in case of FUO should ... pigs from Southern Bulgaria: a preliminary report ... in industrial pig farms from Southern Bulgaria. ... and practices regarding camel-to-human disease risk among.

серологично изследване върху chicken anaemia virus


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